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Calverton, New York — August 11, 2021 — Electronic Payments, a leading point of sale provider to businesses across the country, is continuously developing its proprietary point of sale system, Exatouch®. With the latest software release and other updates, merchants can now take advantage of a customer facing display stand, an in-counter weigh scale, and helpful reporting enhancements. Customer Facing Display Stand Exatouch POS hardware bundles include a 10” touchscreen customer facing display (CFD), which has been extremely popular for enhancing customer engagement, improving service levels, capturing tips, and promoting discounts and special offers. The addition of a custom-designed CFD stand enables merchants to mount the display in a way that offers more flexibility and ensures the checkout area remains clear and ready for customers. Patrons enjoy improved visibility and a faster, simpler checkout experience. Support for an In-Counter Weigh Scale Exatouch now supports the Datalogic Magellan™ 9400i In-Counter Scale. This scale allows busy markets, butchers, delis, ice cream and yogurt shops, and smaller, independent grocers to weigh customers’ purchases, scan items quickly, and make checkout more efficient. The full-featured scale offers Exatouch users benefits such as:

  • A large scanning zone to accommodate items in a variety of shapes and sizes

  • An omnidirectional scanner that reads labels on 4 sides plus top and bottom, ensuring items remain in their natural orientation during scanning

  • An operational weight of 30 pounds, with a maximum load of 150 pounds

  • A single, convenient power supply

  • An optional pole display with single or dual head mounts

  • Coupon scanning and label reading

  • LED and beeping indicators that verify and/or announce various scanner functions

  • A customizable sleep mode timer

  • An optional ScaleSentry™ feature that alerts users when weighed items overhang or fall on non-weighing surfaces

  • And more

Reporting Enhancements Exatouch’s robust reporting capabilities have been enhanced with the latest software release. Developments include:

  • Sales reports that make it easier to see promotions and discounts by category

  • A new payroll report in the Staff Module for merchants to choose a period of time in which to see employees’ Hours Worked, Total Sales, Non Declared Tips, and Declared Tips. Additionally, a “Force Clock-Out” capability has been added, allowing a merchant to set a time to force a staff member to clock out

  • New date range options for reports, including the last 7 days and the last 14 days

“Electronic Payments is committed to continuously developing our technological solutions to give merchants the tools they need to expand and grow,” said Michael Nardy, Founder and CEO of Electronic Payments. “We provide advanced, cutting-edge solutions that evolve with the speed of business. In fact, the new CFD stand and in-counter scale were added to the Exatouch offering in response to our partners’ feedback, as they were looking for ways to better serve their customers.” Exatouch boasts countless tools and applications that streamline operations and help businesses grow, including inventory, staff, and vendor management, affordable payment processing, built-in loyalty programs, and more. Best of all, Electronic Payments backs Exatouch and all of its products with U.S.-based, in-house technical support available 24/7. Discover more about Exatouch’s features on the point of sale system’s help site or by scheduling a complimentary demonstration at

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